Vocations: Journalist

Write Journal Articles

As a Journalist for CitizenX you will have the ablitity to write and submit articles for our Science, Technology and Travel sections. The Journalist designation will show up on your profile and allow readers to follow your work and receive notifications when you publish new articles. Candidate members will accrue activity points for not only publishing the article but also for comments and likes that the article generates. Being a journalist for CitizenX will also serve as a great source of exposure to members who are looking to expand their circle of friends.

Just The Facts

Journal articles on CitizenX are identical to news articles. The writer should present factual reporting that is devoid of opionion or bias. Such bias should be reserved for our blogger vocation where opinions and viewpoints are encouraged.

Sourcing Photograph Credit

It is the journalist's responsability to ensure that all photographs posted on citizenx.com have received written permission to be published on our site. Listing credit for the photo is manditory. Any fines or punishments for posting copywritten material and/or photographs without proper autherization is the sole responsablity of the indevidual journalist.

Journalist Credentials

Use the link below to apply for your Journalist Credentials