Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay, Jamaica

Published by Andrew Ollick on August 04 at 08:57 AM

Andrew Ollick
Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay

For many of us winter means cold weather, low temperatures and plenty of time spent indoors. Even if you are one of those lucky families enjoying a milder climate during winter, we bet you are still catching yourself daydreaming about summer already. If that's the case, you're in for a treat, because I have the perfect solution for a short family getaway to the beautiful island of Jamaica. From where to stay and eat to fun activities for the whole family, rest assured, I've got you covered!

If the perfect family getaway means adventure, fun, beautiful lush greenery balanced out with crystal clear blue waters and powdery white sand, Jamaica is probably already on the top of your list. And if not, then it's about time we changed that. With an exquisite blend of natural beauty and mesmerizing views at every turn, Jamaica has more than culture, music, and excellent dining to offer, making it the perfect getaway for relaxation and adventure for the whole family. Situated 600 miles south of Miami, Florida, and only 90 miles south of Cuba, Jamaica boasts a remarkable natural heritage that will make any adventurer at heart excited and thrilled to explore the diversity of Jamaica's ecosystems.

Andrew Ollick
In case the Caribbean Ocean wasn't enough, the water park is sure to entertain.
If you'd like to explore other options, perhaps booking your stay at Royalton White Sands Resort Montego Bay is an equally attractive alternative. At Royalton's All-In Luxury resort you can immerse yourself in first-class service with meticulous attention to detail intertwined with the cultural splendors of Jamaica. From the outstanding luxurious room amenities and splash pool to the dedicated staff and top-tier dining venues, Royalton's exclusive All-In Luxury Concept is a pampering experience that awakens all senses.
Whether you're traveling with small children or teens, the Royalton White Sands Montego Bay has a variety of age-appropriate activities to make your family's holiday unforgettable for all. Supervision by professional staff will make sure that your kids are safe, well-entertained and enjoying playtime in secure facilities, even during the many adventures offered by Royalton's innovative Kids Adventures program. Teens can also have their share of relaxation at the dedicated Teen's Lounges, especially created to suit their interests.
Andrew Ollick
Luxury Rooms
From beautifully decorated luxury rooms and suites to specialty dining spots, and from fun sports activities and entertainment to the amazing pools to splash in, with Royalton White Sands Resort you're in for a treat. An irresistible combination of Jamaican culture, luxury top-class all-inclusive amenities for the whole family, and the exceptional service available around the clock to satisfy your every need, your Caribbean holiday will become an experience you'll come to remember for years to come.

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