About Us

Welcome to CitizenX

CitizenX began with the simple idea that we wanted to crowdfund a trip to space! The idea presented a challenge because we needed a way to give value to every member and not just the person who goes to space. We knew that there was a wonder and excitement about space travel as evidenced by the large number of people who regularly made pilgrimages to watch space launches and tour museums. These were clearly the people who shared our passion for space travel and the very people that we wanted to meet and interact with. We longed for a social group specially tailored to bringing like minded people together to share our interests and ideas. That was why we knew that Citizenx could NOT be structured as a sweepstakes. The winner should not take all. The winner should be everyone that joins our group and comes together to participate in this great achievement: to put an ordinary citizen into space.

Intelligent Social Media

Once the idea of putting a crowd funded citizen into space was formed and it was decided to use an online community to do it, the next question became what will our members do in our community? It seemed obvious that a person interested in space travel is most likely a person who is also interested in science, technology and travel. An obvious void in social media is the lack of any substantive exchanges going on within regular posts. People seem more interested in posting a picture of their breakfast then discussing anything intelligent. We wanted to start a community focused on exchanges of ideas and knowledge. Challenging members to expand their thoughts and share them with the community. A literary social media site.

So it seemed only sensible to mix a social media group with an online magazine. This would give our members easy access to posting science, technology and travel articles as well as blogs. These articles would then be easily linked back their profile. When a member reads a particular article they can follow the author link to the author's profile and read more about that individual and interact with them in a friendly and open manner.

Another aspect of social media that seems missing is the lack of a goal to achieve. Endlessly posting your daily thoughts gets old quickly when there is no driving force to give one purpose; We needed a way to keep everyone interested and excited about achieving a body of work that others will read and learn from. That was why adding one last component to the CitizenX framework seemed appropriate: activity on our website should lead to a reward. That reward, of course, is being selected to be in the Final Fifty, the group that will be voted upon to decide who will be chosen to make the journey to space. By giving site interaction the ability to earn activity points, every post not only adds to your chances of being selected to being a part of the Final Fifty but will serve as the very volume of work that other members will use to judge if you should get their vote.

Trust and Integrity

NO ONE is more passionate about our goal of putting a member elected citizen into space than the CitizenX management. That is why we have made transparency and integrity our cornerstone. A group of dedicated people can achieve much more than an individual can alone. But in order to build a strong community, that community needs to have trust in their leaders. The management of CitizenX pledges to bring fairness and honesty into every decision that we make. Many decisions about how we shape our group will be put to a vote by our members. Giving the members a strong say in the direction of our community and it will ensure that every member sees that they matter as individuals within our community.