CitizenX is crowdfunding a trip to space.

Join our mission to space

At CitizenX we feel it is time that an ordinary citizen make the journey to space.

We are forming a community of people who want to help us crowdfund our mission. Once we have raised the capital our community will come together and vote on which member will be elected to blast off to space on our behalf.

Everyone is eligible to participate which means our astronaut could be you!


How it works

At CitizenX our program is divided into two phases. Our first phase involves coming together as a community and helping to fund our endeavor. During this time everyone can enjoy browsing our Members Area designed to be a social media site for the scientificly minded.

In phase two 50 candidates will be selected to be in the Final Fifty. Then all members with voting rights will have the opportunity to cast a ballot for which member will be elected to make the journey to space!

Breakdown of the Final Fifty


20 with the most Endorsements

There are 2 different ways to earn endorsements: 1) use your marketing link to refer people to CitizenX. 2) make friends with other members and impress them to endorse your candidacy.

20 with the most Activity Points

Most actions that members take on our website, like publishing articles and commenting on posts, will automatically earn a number of Activity Points. The 20 candidates with the most activity points will graduate to the Final Fifty.

10 Wild Card Picks

We want every "Candidate Member" who joins CitizenX to have a chance of advancing to the Final Fifty; 10 candidates will be chosen at random in order to ensure that everyone truly has a chance of going to space.

Pricing Options

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One-time fee


One-time fee


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