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Candid photos chinese lingerie wholesale of Kendall Jenner uncomfortably posing in lingerie on astro turf give us hope


SEEING lingerie suppliers china a gorgeous celebrity supermodel posing sexily in their underwear for an advertising campaign usually fills us with jealousy.

We wonder why we don;t look that casually sultry when Corset Manufacturer China we get in our finest pair of Bonds and drape ourselves over the bed to surprise our partner when they come back into the room.

But it turns out, supermodels are just like us. And they too have some awkward moments while wearing a G-string and draping themselves over things.

The stunning Kendall Jenner is living proof that it is impossible to look like an ad campaign 100 per cent of the time. And we love her for it.

The 21-year-old was on location in Miami for a lingerie photoshoot this week, and behind-the-scenes photos show the candid reality of how uncomfortable and awkward the experience actually is.Kendall soldiers on.Source:Splash News Australia

While the final campaign will no doubt be slick and show Kendall looking perfect in her red heels and lingerie, perched in a cartoon-like garden surrounded by oversized wooden tulips. But these candid photos tell a different story.Awkwardly chilling between takes.Source:Splash News Australia

First of all, it looks like a gloomy day in the beachside city, so you can only imagine the chill girlfriend would;ve copped when an ocean breeze picked up.

Also, she;s a trooper for sitting on scratchy astro turf for an extended period of time in nothing but a thin, lacy G. And the crew made up of a bunch of hairy men probably didn;t make the situation any more comfortable.Because this is natural.Source:Splash News Australia

Finally, she was probably told to pose like this all afternoon. She;s bored. Hungry. Tired. And she;s probably feeling like a bit of a knob in the process.

And it;s because of this that we love her even more.It’s hard to be serious while sitting on astro turf in a G surrounded by giant wooden tulips. But Kendall nails it.Source:Splash News AustraliaKendall Jenner Looks EXACTLY Like Mom Kris at Milan Fashion Week Moschino Show2:02

Kendall Jenner is gorgeous - duh. In fact, and no shade here, but she just may be my favorite of the Kardashian clan. There's just something about her, right? Well, maybe it's because she takes after her mother, Kris Jenner. You're gonna have to do a double take with you see Ken's latest photos. Cause this girl looks JUST LIKE HER MOTHER! Hair and all. Kendall rocked the runway for Milan fashion week in several shows - but one of the more prestigious events was the Moschino show last night. Kendall was flawless opening the show as she confidently walked down the runway in a khaki suit and matching hat. But when the 21-year-old model removed the hat for her second look of the event, we had to take a second look of our own. Kendall is the spitting image of her mother, Kris Jenner. She had her mom’s stare down pat. All she really needed was her mom’s signature shades and they’d be twins. Which look do you prefer? Kendall as herself, or Kendall as Kris? Let us know in the comments below.February 25th 20176 months ago/display/ - syndicated/

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